The Aurora Borealis

Aurora hunt

March 6.2017

We traveled with the Wandering Owl for this adventure.  Here is a description of the tour: Aurora hunt is a trip to the wilderness of the north on a quest for the best spot to see the northern lights. We will drive away from the city light pollution to different destinations, depending on the weather conditions. Read more…

An added experience at no extra cost:

As we concluded an indescribable experience of 3 hours in the Norway snow wilderness, our tour group gathered into the tour van late at night to return back to the city.  Or so we thought.  As our tour guide attempted to start the vehicle, the engine would not turn over.  The battery was completely dead.  Here we are miles from nowhere–no cell service.  How were we to get out of this predicament?  The rest of the story … later

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More photos to come to this gallery–check back soon!

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